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Guangzhou Diya Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. It is a company that produces and processes anti-double special board, second-generation anti-double special board, High Temperature Laminate and physical and chemical board, high-density medium-density fiber board, flame-retardant board veneer finished board. The main business.


Diya is committed to the research and development and innovation of new types of sheets, and has successfully developed the second-generation anti-better and High Temperature Laminate on the basis of the existing high-quality anti-better first-generation products. It has excellent impact resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and is not easy to change or fade. Easy to clean, convenient to repair and maintain, strong shock resistance. Has developed more than 2,000 solid colors and patterns of veneers, which are quite expressive.


All kinds of board products are widely used in free combination storage cabinets, indoor and outdoor hanging walls, public health partitions, indoor and outdoor furniture, complete sets of physical and chemical test equipment, and medical cabinets.


The Diya brand has formed a diversified enterprise with anti-better plates and various new independent research and development plates. It insists on technological innovation and capital management as its wings, and adheres to the business philosophy of: focus on professionalism, win-win and mutual benefit, based on China, diversified The development of foreign trade exports, to the world, is deeply favored by foreign customers.

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company culture

Dedication, dedication for pleasure

Have a strong sense of self-responsibility and overcome the setbacks and pressures encountered at work.

Team spirit, proud of the team

The success or failure of a company depends on employees. Employees are resources, and unity is an infinite resource.

company culture
company culture

Service spirit, win with service

Customer needs are huge wealth, convenient transportation and cost advantages.

Professionalism and professionalism

Each employee has a professional vision and knowledge to deal with all the problems encountered in the work.

company culture

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