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How to distinguish the quality of anti-time special fireproof board?

Time of issue: : 2021-04--02
There are many brands of fireproof board on the market. What kind of fireproof board is a good fireproof board? To Anti-beite fireproof board is also known as refractory board, and its scientific name is thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure laminated board. The English abbreviation is HPL [Decorative High-pressure Laminate]. After the melamine and phenolic resin impregnation process, high temperature and high pressure, it has rich surface colors, textures and special logistics properties. It is widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops, exterior walls and other fields. Fireproof board has many advantages such as fireproof, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, etc., so it is loved by more and more consumers. There are more and more fireproof board products on the market, but it is not uncommon for them to be shoddy and shoddy. To When choosing anti-time special fireproof board, pay attention to check whether the fireproof board has product trademark, industry inspection report, product factory certificate, etc. If not, it is recommended not to buy. Check the test report of the product carefully to see whether the performance indicators of the product are qualified, especially pay attention to check the product combustion level in the test report. The higher the combustion level, the better the fire resistance of the product.
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